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Simple Model Magic Homestuck troll horns tutorial

I’ve gotten a lot of people telling me that they like my horns, so apparently I’m not a total failure to the fandom after all. So since someone wanted to know, I figured I would share just how simple horns are to make. I’m making a pair of Vriska horns, since that’s what was asked for.

First the materials

Pretty simple, right? All you need is Model magic, and paint. The cut off part of the box of snacks is just a stiff mobile thing to use so the model magic doesn’t get dirty.

I turned it over for contrast, since white on white isn’t the best. You start by taking a blob of model magic, simple.

Slipt it up into two roughly even balls, one a little smaller than the other, then use a bit more to roll against the board, making the tips gradually thinner until they end as points. With that, just bend it unto a u shape like the top of Vriska’s horn.

Roll the two balls in such a way that they end up, the larger ball ends in a point, and the smaller one does not, and make sure you keep the lengths of both not the same, the smaller one should be shorter by about three inches maybe?

Take the longer one, and bend it about how I did there.

The next picture for currupted or something, I’m not even sure, but it’s pretty simple. Take the bent horn, and roll the new tip so it comes to a new point, but be careful not to let the bent over part touch the base of the horn, it could stick, and while some people may be fine with that, I’m more picky about that.

Then attach the u shape to the blunt tipped horn, if the model magic is sticky enough, it should stay with no help, but if it falls off, a little glue will work.

Next thing to do is wait and paint. Waiting is important, and I didn’t do that for these horns since I wanted to get this tutorial done as soon as I could. For the first few hours of waiting for them to dry, you want to flip them over regularly, or else the bottom side will flatten, or worse, crack. I actually don’t have many problems with my horns cracking any more, if you wait a tiny bit before you make the horns for the model magic to dry out a tiny bit, then cracking is less likely. Of course by doing this, you’re making ti a bit harder to work with, so try to find a good balance of the two. Once your horns are dry enough to not deform (or if you’re lazy, as soon as you want, although, for these, since i didn’t want to wait for them to dry, I took them outside and sprayed them with some clear fast drying spray can lacquer. I’m not sure if that helped, since I’ve never tried painting not dry horns except today, and they were sprayed, so if you can wait, I suggest you do, it’s easier.)

Now for painting, you can go about this a few ways, but what I’ve found to work best is painting each side, so the bottom is always dry. Also, just like me, your first instinct might be to paint only the part visibly lightest the lightest color, and that could work depending on the paint. I personally use paint probably intended for walls, but I got it mixed custom for the colors of troll horns, which is something you don’t have to do, you can probably eyeball it pretty well, plus, this paint streaks if you’re not careful. Anyway, paint the whole horn, that way there’s no place that is clearly overlapping, it makes it looks weird.

Then last you paint the other layers as shown. 

I don’t have pictures for this last part since there are so many different ways, but to attach them to your head, you have options.

With smaller horns, some people like to use clips attached to the horns, I’ve seen this done for Karkat horns a lot, as well as sometimes Terezi or Nepeta.

I’ve also seen some people using a spiral cone of stiff wire that they screw into their wig, I’ve never tried it though.

I’ve seen magnets used, with one of the strong magnets attached to the inside of the wig, and the other the bottom of the horn, but make sure the magnets are strong enough, and also don’t make the mistake of trying to have the magnets work when they’re both north or south, make sure you’re sure they are in right. I would not recommend this method for large horns like Tavros or Gamzee.

You could go the way a lot of people do, and use headbands. I use headbands sometimes, but I don’t like how they look, so I try to avoid them, but they do work well for most horns.

Once again for smaller horns, you can attach them to a string or something, preferably the color of your hair or the wig, whichever the horns are on. I also tired the string to an elasticy string so they stay on my head. I didn’t bother making the string black or brown because I was lazy, although even with a white string, it doesn’t show all that much.

And last, the method I used for a while was one I thought of on my own. I took a headband that was about an inch thick, and drilled some holes into it at points where I would want horns on my head, then I screwed some screws into the holes so they come out the top. I then would put that in the wig to the screws poke through the wig, then I would screw the horns into that, since I had pre-screwed the horns when they were relatively soft so that they would be able to be put on, and I could expect them to stay on. This worked nicely for stability, although I wouldn’t suggest it for Tavros horns, and I don’t think I have any idea if Aradia horns can be screwed on for this, because of their shape.

I only added this part about how to attach your horns to your head because it was the only problem I had when I wanted to first make my horns, so I figured other people would be similar in that. Anyway, I hope this helped, and thanks to this, I now have my fourth set of Scorpio horns! (I actually had a fifth pair a while back, but I threw them out, so this is my fifth pair, wow, obsession maybe?)

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